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showing @ Huffington Post

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Imagine my amazement to get this morning and find an email saying my entry to Tony Robbin’s ‘Breakthrough’ show had been placed into the slideshow  for viewers to vote on the next people to go his six-part series @ NBC.   It’s about folks who had a crisis in their lives but used it to empower themselves to change, instead of getting sucked under!  All I had wanted was to maybe attract the attention of some intrepid reporter that Huffington Post is famous for – I never expected to place!  One of the 26 on right now, slide #22, named after the new book I am writing How We Kept CPS from Taking Our Children – and You Can Too! due out 1 Sept.

Here’s the link

All morning I was #1 but have now settled into a more comfortable #13 spot!

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