local media’s black-out

Posted On Thursday, July 22nd, 2010 By freethegypsy

Dear Phil Matier & Andrew Ross, * A cop who helped us in the beginning (retired now: Paul Swiatco *82) told me that I would ALWAYS be “too politcally red-hot” for mainstream media to even think about coming anywhere near me. What he didn’t count on was the blogosphere.  Already I have placed on Kamala Harris’ 7th page @ Google.  I spend hours every day getting my story out, one posting at a time, and by November… … …well, you get the drift.  But what you (and other mainstream reporters) don’t realize is the citizen journalist’s ability to circumvent you old dinosaurs.  Do you REALLY think by ignoring me I won’t be heard?  Not only will I be heard & my absolute proof of corruption exposed but my criticism of how I was denied in these early days of going-public will re-enforce your readership’s disdain for you & the traditional press.  Can you really afford that?  But please, do carry on.  I’m going to make sure my rapidly-growing readership realizes how controlled – and fearful of the powerful – their press representatives really are, starting with you and Ken Garcia at the SF Examiner.  For example, I’m publishing this letter […]