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Letter to Madam Speaker

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Madam Speaker

I have been waiting all these years, still distraught, stranded, numb and mute, a misery in the shadow of a corrupt City Hall, confident one day God would give me true Justice because that is what He is.  And I am His.   Now, before you examine the enclosed allegations my husband & I bring against such sterling political pedigrees as Kamala Harris and Katherine Feinstein’s, please do register our fine Christian example of self-discipline & patience we exercised in NOT releasing my trio of manuscripts into the publishing realm while the presidential elections were being fought.  Of course, to have done so would have been to ignore the advice of our attorney, Steven Bouvarnick, who firmly suggested that we adhere to a ten-year statute of silence because those with whom we settled 12 July 1999 could be prosecuted under the R.I.C.O. act and could conceivably sue us for breach of contract.   It hurt my most conservative feelings very much to not give the country a vivid and detailed example of exactly what “San Francisco values” are.  A pity.   My personal politics are so far right as to fall off the radar.  My husband and I own the only paper ever forced down the throat of the most powerful union in your town, I.A.F.F. local #798 and their charity fund-raising arm, that sacred cow, the Firefighters Toy Program, and the late John Voelker, for nothing less than theft of U.S. mail and sabotage.  That matter is dealt with.  We have no further issues with the fire department.  However, the City Attorney’s office of Renne, Feinstein & Harris blocked our right-to-travel, to return to family and land in Louisiana from 10 July 1998 -11 June 2001 by use of nearly three-dozen documented lies.  That is the foundation for the Collected Letters from Abyss.  It’s cost-effective release on our website is in a format that offers an instant-view to as many who want to pay.  We intend not only to firmly establish our right to free press but will “blog” daily – hourly if need be – over what the appropriate federal agencies are able to do about the social Gestapo loosed in our country and funded by Congress.

In this, the most open and honest Congress ever, and since you all call yourselves the “evidence party” (and that is the ONE thing we have plenty of) you Democrats ought to welcome the opportunity to put your money where your mouth is.  You’d be all up in arms, demanding heads on platters if Republicans had done this to our family.  Think about it, now you of all people could give me a real investigation and some good old-fashioned Justice.  Or do everything in your power, which is quite considerable, to block me.  Now, won’t that resonate with the voters in ’10?  My job, and unfortunately I do look at it as a job, is merely to report to the People what you actually do.   Or don’t do.  What else is there for me to do except to petition that Royal High Court of Public Opinion?  I have banged on the doors of all your courts and no one will let me in.  And that’s just bloody un-American.

Yours in Christ,

Ramona Mayon

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