I Got This

Posted On Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016 By freethegypsy

Being ignored is no longer an option. And do I ever have a plan? Oh do I have a PLAN. I do, indeed, have a plan. Stay Tuned. @realDonaldTrump Y’all need to remember GOD loves the poor! Who acts on that wins 2016+2020 too MAKE RVs LEGAL HOMES — Ramona Mayon (@freethegypsy) August 23, 2016 Enough with yelling at us, jailing us, shooting us, starving us, making us live in your warehouses full of bedbugs and rapists, shutting down our right to travel, taking our children to re-educate (you mean, turn against Enough with your lies. Enough with selling “access”. What does that even MEAN? What does any of it mean when you are STARVING and ALONE and DYING on a street-fucking-corner? Who are these people up there postulating for the poor and downtrodden? For the voiceless. For the ignored. For the sick. FOR THE CHILDREN, for pity’s sake. I watched so much humanity dry up and blow away in San Francisco, and it even came to our door: I and my old man sat in a black BlueBird school bus/ home, raising 4 sweet kids (two are full-grown Marines now, thank you very much, you are most […]



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It isn’t that I am pro Trump particularly, or anti – anybody. I am inventing a new party called #AssHolePartisan I want to tell both of them what I think of them. And you better believe I am flying the Anonymous colours to do so. But then again, I grew up in U.K. so I have a deeper understanding of what a real Revolutionary does. I care about the poor. I care about the man asleep on the street. I care about the woman sitting outside a shelter waiting for it to open so she can go in and put her kids to bed. I care about women my age facing widowhood, terrified. I care about the innocent in prison. I care about the guilty who do their time get out and can never find a job or a house. I fucking care. And if my 3-year fight with the CPS and proving lies can show how bad it all is for us out here, well I think I have a moral obligation, don’t you? @RealDonaldTrump Starting my own party #AssHolePartisan GOD loves the poor! Who acts on that will wIn 2016+2020 too — Ramona Mayon (@freethegypsy) August […]


local media’s black-out

Posted On Thursday, July 22nd, 2010 By freethegypsy

Dear Phil Matier & Andrew Ross, * A cop who helped us in the beginning (retired now: Paul Swiatco *82) told me that I would ALWAYS be “too politcally red-hot” for mainstream media to even think about coming anywhere near me. What he didn’t count on was the blogosphere.  Already I have placed on Kamala Harris’ 7th page @ Google.  I spend hours every day getting my story out, one posting at a time, and by November… … …well, you get the drift.  But what you (and other mainstream reporters) don’t realize is the citizen journalist’s ability to circumvent you old dinosaurs.  Do you REALLY think by ignoring me I won’t be heard?  Not only will I be heard & my absolute proof of corruption exposed but my criticism of how I was denied in these early days of going-public will re-enforce your readership’s disdain for you & the traditional press.  Can you really afford that?  But please, do carry on.  I’m going to make sure my rapidly-growing readership realizes how controlled – and fearful of the powerful – their press representatives really are, starting with you and Ken Garcia at the SF Examiner.  For example, I’m publishing this letter […]


how i really feel about SFPD after all these years of civil war behind that thin blue line

Posted On Sunday, July 11th, 2010 By freethegypsy

Believe it or not, you’re not going to find a huge surge of anti-cop sentiment in my work. It happened during a cop encounter shortly after Valentine’s Day 1999 while parked in the Haight. It was the usual Gestapo-influenced raid at 4am, the house being inspected by a big-bellied white-haired hard-eyed old Irish cop who was intently running his high powered flashlight through my whimsically decorated child-oriented home, his light probing their individual sleeping nooks – they looked like perfect sleeping children, eyes closed, teddy bears tucked in, but nothing could have been more obscene to me than the sound of their ragged breathing, as his flashlight invaded their flesh, their sleep, their privacy and their Fourth amendment right to be secure from the government’s UNREASONABLE efforts to search/seize. It made me livid to think how much they must be hating that since they can’t abide me looking into their nooks & crannies. I was mentally begging the cop to not go in the back where our 36-month old Merlin was sleeping. It would be forever trying to get him to lie back down if he had to wake up under the glare of a cop’s beam. I looked down […]


Website out – and why

Posted On Saturday, May 15th, 2010 By freethegypsy

When I saw that Kamala Harris was going to win the Democratic nomination for California Attorney General, it just turned my stomach so I pulled out the work I have been doing, quietly in the courts all these years, trying not to rock the boat and get my family hurt again.  I had a long talk with my husband and we agreed that we couldn’t, as Americans, sit here quietly while someone we knew held a complete  disregard for due process & the Constitution move into one of the most powerful offices in the country.  Her own website has a video of her on one of the major morning talk shows with Matt Lauer where he says Newsweek magazine calls her one of the most powerful women in America.  And the New York Times calls her one of the 17 women who could be the first female President.  Spare me.   She must have an ego the size of Texas hearing all that.


Letter to Obama and Pelosi

Posted On Saturday, May 1st, 2010 By freethegypsy

1 May 2010 Dear Mr. President, As you hold this paper in your hand, know it represents all the courage my husband & I are able to muster after more than a decade on the losing end of a prima facie case of municipal racketeering. A new book, available only online in an instant-view format, documents a conspiracy between agencies to protect a popular firefighter, his union & their sacred cow charity from our 1998 allegations of mail theft and sabotage.  I am still the angriest woman in North America, which refers to how I began a 60 pg letter to John Ashcroft 2 August 2002.  We quietly settled #300155 out-of-court on 12 July 1999 on the civil complaint of Conversion (of the funds sent by Fox2News viewers Christmas 1997), Accounting, Common Count, Imposition of Constructive Trust, Negligence (the sabotage), Fraud & Deceit. However, the City Attorney’s office blocked our right-to-travel, forbidding us to return to family & land in Louisiana, from 10 July 1998-11 June 2001 all the while systematically destroying our reputation with nearly three-dozen lies (documented in the manuscript by the City’s own hard paper) supplied by a corrupted Children’s Protective Service. Our good family name is forever […]