July 22

local media’s black-out

Dear Phil Matier & Andrew Ross,


A cop who helped us in the beginning (retired now: Paul Swiatco *82) told me that I would ALWAYS be “too politcally red-hot” for mainstream media to even think about coming anywhere near me. What he didn’t count on was the blogosphere.  Already I have placed on Kamala Harris’ 7th page @ Google.  I spend hours every day getting my story out, one posting at a time, and by November… … …well, you get the drift.  But what you (and other mainstream reporters) don’t realize is the citizen journalist’s ability to circumvent you old dinosaurs.  Do you REALLY think by ignoring me I won’t be heard?  Not only will I be heard & my absolute proof of corruption exposed but my criticism of how I was denied in these early days of going-public will re-enforce your readership’s disdain for you & the traditional press.  Can you really afford that?  But please, do carry on.  I’m going to make sure my rapidly-growing readership realizes how controlled – and fearful of the powerful – their press representatives really are, starting with you and Ken Garcia at the SF Examiner.  For example, I’m publishing this letter to you on my site’s blog named Daily Dish of Politics. Been reading your column all these long years in San Francisco and none of the scandals you have (semi) covered even come close to what happened to me & mine in 1998-1999.


Below is the email I have sent out to all the government boxes in D.C. including Mama Feinstein.  So much horror happened to me at the hands of the firefighters’ union that nothing fazes me now, certainly not being ignored by you media-types.  Trust me, it’ll all be out be out November.


And what does that say about you?  Let me spell it out: go look at how b-o-r-i-n-g your columns for the last 30 days have been.  Oh, let me do it for you.  It’s hard for any writer to be objective, now isn’t it?  Here’s how you earned your pay:   1) Bart fares  2) Boxer calls Fiornia a multiple yacht owner  3) Ellison & his pursuit to own a team   4) Oakland P.D. investigates 2 councilwomen for getting in their way     5) community colleges      6) chilly Whitman relations      7) dry Bay-to-Breakers   0) Adachi’s pension reform ambitions     9)  Bart brass worried about verdict  10) Newsom & Mrs. previously invested in B.P.  11) Bart fares   12) Newsom meet & greet  13) Bart cop uses taser on fare-evader    14) Oakland budget.




So, thinking maybe I was a little harsh on you, since you two are the premier political reporters in town, I scrolled back to all your columns for the past 90 days:    15) Fiornia’s husband carries a gun   16) mass police lay-off in Oakland   17)  graffiti on that God-awful Buddha in the Civic Center  18) Bart spending   19)  Whitman & Brown set to go toe-to-toe    20) electricity costs set to rise    21) candidates spent $113 million     22) moving a manzanita bush    23) a waterfront bathroom    24) Chris Kelly’s ads taking toll on poor Kamala    25)  sponser ING Bay to Breakers    26) 49er’s stadium plan    27) Tesla deal    28) Bart shootin case’s D.A.   29) $18 million bus stop   30) Sacramento budget season opens   31) SFPD blocked from interviewing 15 year-old stalking victim  —- now I’ll admit, that was an interesting story because it reminded me how the police were incapable of investigating the firefighters’ union   32) high wages for railroad brass    33) more Chris Kelly ads    34) porn probe    35) transit systems bleeding $    36) Oakland A’s fight   37) MTA parking fees     38)  ticket-fixing scam uncovered @ DPT


Are y’all even alive & breathing over there?

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July 11

how i really feel about SFPD after all these years of civil war behind that thin blue line

Believe it or not, you’re not going to find a huge surge of anti-cop sentiment in my work. It happened during a cop encounter shortly after Valentine’s Day 1999 while parked in the Haight. It was the usual Gestapo-influenced raid at 4am, the house being inspected by a big-bellied white-haired hard-eyed old Irish cop who was intently running his high powered flashlight through my whimsically decorated child-oriented home, his light probing their individual sleeping nooks – they looked like perfect sleeping children, eyes closed, teddy bears tucked in, but nothing could have been more obscene to me than the sound of their ragged breathing, as his flashlight invaded their flesh, their sleep, their privacy and their Fourth amendment right to be secure from the government’s UNREASONABLE efforts to search/seize. It made me livid to think how much they must be hating that since they can’t abide me looking into their nooks & crannies. I was mentally begging the cop to not go in the back where our 36-month old Merlin was sleeping. It would be forever trying to get him to lie back down if he had to wake up under the glare of a cop’s beam. I looked down the steps at my husband who had only been out of the hospital two weeks after a 30-day stay. He was in damp drizzle in only sweatpants and a t-shirt. I looked at the policeman still poking in ever corner with his flashlight, warm in his fleece-lined leather jacket while my husband was out in the damp fog barefooted and my baby is start to snuffle around in his crib, waking up. I kicked Greg’s shoes out to him and pulled off my hooded sweatshirt and tossed it out to him. Then I went into my legal files and pulled out a colour photograph and handed it to the cop, saying “three men in uniform grabbed him outside Golden Gate Park, half a block from and in plain view of your police station. Two held him against a tree – see the marks inside his arms where he fought against their grip and on his hips, those scrapes/that’s thru a pair of levis and a pair of sweatpants/it’s where they held him against the tree while the third struck him once over an already-diseased liver with a nightstick and then let him drop to the ground. All he saw walking away was black regulations shoes and no guns on their hips before he passed out. He came to alone still and pulled himself up on the chain link fence and used it to get home. That’s all he’ll say about it, but I’ll you what I was doing while this happened to him: I was across town at our attorney’s angrily refusing to accept the final draft of our civil action against the almighty firefighters’ union because it didn’t include sexual harassment.” Said it all in one breath, intensely conscious of the listening children. The cop walks on down the three front steps, then pauses on the bottom, reaches up to grip the pair of crucifix that hang over the entry of our bus, just low enough to graze the heads of those who come & go. He looks at me for a long moment, and I return his stare because by then I know I have bitten off more than I can ever chew, he’s simple compared to the dogs-of-war I was facing down in the legal arena. Then he turns to look at Greg busy talking to a trio of cops who are grilling him about his ability to care for the children on a s-c-h-o-o-l-b-u-s. He looks back up at me and says “I will pray for you & your husband, that God will heal him and that He will bless you.” You could have knocked me over with a feather. That night completely altered the tone of my journalistic efforts and more to the point, showed me the importance of being able to “sound bite”, e.g. fully communicate the seriousness of our “life situation” at any given moment. I often think of that cop and I hope he made it off the street.

Say to God “my refuge, my fortress, my Lord in whom I trust.   With His pinions He will cover you and under His wings, you will take refuge. His faithfulness is a shield, you shall not fear the terror of night rather with your own eyes you shall behold the requital of the wicked because you made the Most High your stronghold, no evil shall befall you nor come near your tent for to His angels, He has given command about you that they guard you all your ways. Says the Lord ‘Because he clings to Me, I will save him.’ ”   Psalm 91

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May 15

put out my book on June 26, 2010

When I saw that Kamala Harris was going to win the Democratic nomination for California Attorney General, it just turned my stomach so I pulled out the work I have been doing, quietly in the courts all these years, trying not to rock the boat and get my family hurt again.  I had a long talk with my husband and we agreed that we couldn’t, as Americans, sit here quietly while someone we knew held a complete  disregard for due process & the Constitution move into one of the most powerful offices in the country.  Her own website has a video of her on one of the major morning talk shows with Matt Lauer where he says Newsweek magazine calls her one of the most powerful women in America.  And the New York Times calls her one of the 17 women who could be the first female President.  Spare me.   She must have an ego the size of Texas hearing all that.

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