Does it matter that in 2001 Kamala Harris ignored mail theft, attempted murder, perjury in court documents and manufacturing of evidence? Was it merely bigotry or quid pro quo?

Posted On Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016 By Ramona Mayon

        Looking away from the truth is what a political machine operative does.

    It’s how you recognize them.


This is the story of how a (now-deceased) San Francisco firefighter, in 1998, made one phone call and got the Political Machine to go to work for him, as told with the help of a selection of the official, legal and personal correspondence that was executed during a decade on the losing end of a prima facie case of municipal racketeering, a private petty paper war that destroyed my motherhood, devastated my marriage, stole my beauty, and made me the most hated woman buried under Willie Brown’s city hall.


Specifically TWO women, former deputy city attorneys. First, it was Katherine Feinstein, in charge of the prosecution of my family 1998-2000, who (as well as being the daughter of California’s sr. senator, Dianne Feinstein) went on to become a judge on the Superior Court of San Francisco, was installed on the State of California’s judicial performance panel, and was recently appointed by Governor Jerry Brown to the Medical Board.


Second woman was Kamala Harris, in charge of the persecution of what was left of my family by 2000-2001, the former mistress of then-mayor Willie Brown, who went on to be the twice-elected D.A. of San Francisco, the California Attorney General, and who is now running hard for Senator. And her sister is one of Hillary Clinton’s policy advisors. Her brother-in-law was Obama’s assistant General Attorney in charge of Civil Rights. Oxygen starting to thin out at this high altitude.


6/12 July 1999 we, the plaintiffs, Greg and Ramona Mayon, quietly settled out-of-court with I.A.F.F. local #798, the San Francisco Firefighters Toy Program and it’s late chairman & firefighter John Voelker, on civil complaint Mayon v. S.F.F.D. local 798, Firefighters’ Toy Program and John Voelker, et al #300155, for Conversion (of funds sent through the mail by Fox2News viewers Christmas 1997), Accounting, Common Count, Imposition of Constructive Count, Negligence, Fraud & Deceit.


However, from 10 July 1998 until 11 July 2001, the City Attorney’s office blocked our God-given, Constitutional right-to-travel, to return to family & land with our remaining children, forcing us to remain in a place we hate – being conservatives in an ultra-liberal conclave – under court-order to remain here. Thus, we were forced to raise our children in an urban setting when we are country people, our children denied their right to know their grandparents and their native Louisiana. But we never lost physical custody of the children, only legal custody.


Those three years were spent with the City Attorney’s Office of San Francisco systematically destroying our reputation, using the dozen of lies supplied by Children Protective Services, are all documented within this manuscript. Most of the documents I used as the foundation for this manuscript (and case) are marked ‘Confidential’ and comes with their own penal code. I, the person being talked about, have no right to this paper. So it was a struggle to even get it. But if need be, I will argue before any judge that I am called to stand before that the City Attorney’s office cracked the judicial firewall, not I. Those with dirty hands cannot hide them behind a cloak of confidentiality.




This is a one-page visual aid that I devised in a heated rush late Sept 2001 to explain how different social workers lied and then took those lies to make an even deeper, even more false image on paper about our family.  When I showed it to my husband, he studied it a few minutes, handed it back to me and said with a drawl, “Now go say that in English.”  Which I did, now available on Amazon:

the years as they passed

the years as they passed

Flies are people who signed and dated reports, and how one fly grouped with another fly to build one lie into a massive pile.

Flies are people who signed and dated reports, and how one fly grouped with another fly to build one lie into a massive pile.


Throughout this time, like any ordinary citizen, I went to the SFPD, the FBI and every court that I could think of, I petitioned over & over, but they all folded their hands and did nothing. We have been turned down by nearly every lawyer in town and even had the displeasure of having the SF Bar Assoc. tell me that no one here has the resources to help you. Even the F.B.I. told me to let go and get on with life. How you forget that, how you forgive that? It’s an injury that won’t heal.


Greg & Ramona Mayon 1999

Greg & Ramona Mayon 1999

As the old legal adage goes, the only successful defense for a slander/libel case is to be able to prove you are telling the truth. I have used hundreds of the City’s own documents to do just that.

CLICK HERE to continue reading for the prologue and the first 5 chapters for free: 



 even earlier attempt to inform (Republican) George Bush’s FBI:

Greg and Ramona Mayon

Greg and Ramona Mayon


I will attempt walk down that thin line of hate between Trump and Hillary. I am doing what I have promised myself for years I would do when the time was ripe. I don’t see how it could get any riper here Kamala Harris is going to be a senator and is predicted to one day be the first woman of colour in the White House, while right now today, her sister is one of Hillary Clinton’s sr. advisors. DO YOU SEE HOW I BROUGHT ALL THIS UPON MYSELF, people?!! I swore revenge. And got it. Did I ever get it….. …… …. The Bible says don’t do that. I recall an obscure passage in the Book of Proverbs that made me cry one night back in 2001 …it said “Woe unto him who is at the center of a corruption”.  But I also cried, sobbed even, in the law section of the downtown San Francisco when I read the definition of crimes under the R.I.C.O. act and finally had a name for what was happening to my family. 

Biggest mistake of my life was seeking revenge. Still paying for it.


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